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Weight Loss
& Toning



Mobility / Flexibility




Weight Loss and Toning

Whether you have a target weight that you’re aiming to achieve or just want to shed a few pounds, Discover Fitness can help you reach your goal.

With guidance and specially designed programmes we will work together to get the results you want or need.

  • It’s important to elevate the heart rate in order to burn fat so there is a high emphasis on cardio training, with plenty of variety to prevent the routine from becoming boring.
  • High repetitions with low weights to help improve muscle tone.
  • There will also be guidance on a suitable diet to follow.



Weight Gain

This can be muscle gain or simply adding healthy mass. I’ll help you increase size and muscle with programmes to suit. I will also motivate you to make those extra few reps, where you would normally give up.

  • Lifting big helps build muscle so the program would feature low repetitions with a high weight.
  • Approximately every month the routines will change to shock the muscles into further development and growth and to prevent the workouts from becoming boring.
  • There will be advice on eating clean in order to build healthy muscle mass.
  • I see myself as your training buddy to help motivate and inspire you to push yourself that little bit further than you might on your own.



Individual Programmes

Discover Fitness offers to provide an ‘MOT’ on your existing programme, reviewing goals and looking at ways that we can generally improve motivation and take your programme to the next level.

  • If you’re getting bored of your routine why not give it a makeover? I have plenty of fresh ideas and different training methods to bring enjoyment back into training, whatever your fitness goals might be.



Mobility / Flexibility

Training with me will help you increase your mobility if you haven’t exercised for a while. With my exercise referral qualification I can help with various conditions that may be limiting your exercise, even if you think you can’t enter a gym.

I’m here to make you overcome that first hurdle and guide you through basic flexibility and mobility. Also, if you are feeling really tight and need stretching out, I can help you using proven techniques.

  • To increase mobility there will be a thorough stretching routine, supplemented by some cardio work.
  • Light weights and band work will be employed to improve muscle tone.
  • There is a focus on joint mobility to strengthen typical problem areas such as ankles, knees and a stiff back.
  • This program is ideal for people who suffer from back problems in particular.
  • Exercises will also focus on strengthening your core.




If you need some extra work to help repair or strengthen muscles or bones that you have injured, I can offer 1:1 solutions. I work alongside the GPs in Warwickshire with exercise referrals for various conditions from high blood pressure to arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

I will devise a step by step programme to help improve confidence and muscular tone.

  • I work alongside GPs and physiotherapists to give you gradual program of light weight training, band work and stretching to help you recover from injury, build your strength and motivation back up and return you to optimum fitness levels.